Things You Should Look Out For Before You Purchase Insurance

Insurance companies are now selling lower priced policies which contain clauses to save THEM money in the event that a claim is filed. Some of these clauses include agreements to only use insurance company selected repair facilities. Some contain agreements to allow the use of aftermarket parts in the repair of your vehicle. Still other clauses will exclude coverage of any diminishment of value your vehicle suffers as a result of an accident. It may appear to be worth the saved premium dollars to allow these clauses in your policy, but in the long run, it will be your vehicle’s value and possibly your body that sustains the most substantial loss.

While most insurance companies still do not like to do business with those repair facilities where value assessment systems are used, remember that the CUSTOMER has the final choice of repair facility. Most insurance adjusters feel that the value assessment system operators are merely “nickel and diming them to death”, while in reality, these facilities are just ensuring that they will be properly paid for all procedures required to perform a top quality repair. Value assessment systems also ensure that all procedures covered by the insurance company WILL be performed and that all procedures will be performed PROPERLY and that NO shortcuts will be taken in the repair process. These are the features that make value assessment systems beneficial to EVERYONE: customer, insurance company, repair facility.