Do you have rental car coverage?

Rental car coverage is a fairly inexpensive way to be sure you'll have transportation while your vehicle is being repaired under a collision or comprehensive claim. Check with your insurance agent to see what the cost would be to add this coverage to your policy. Be sure you understand the coverage you are getting, as there are different coverages available. The average rental car costs anywhere from $30.00 to $70.00 per day, depending on your needs. To schedule a rental car, please fill in the information below.

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4 Ways to Save on Your Car Rental

1. Price may be negotiable. You can also call around to multiple car-rental agencies, including lesser-known providers. With the lowest quote in hand, your agency of choice may cut you a deal.

2. Check employer discounts. Your employer may provide you with more than a salary. Ask human resources if your company partners with rental agencies to give you a break on rates. Or ask the agency outright.

3. Inspect your ride. Do the walk-around and check for marred paint, dinged bumpers, fractured windshields and torn seats so you can't avoid paying for what you’ve documented.

4. Get back on time. Your car probably won't turn into a pumpkin, but you're likely to pay for an extra day even if you're five minutes late. Read the fine print and use your cell phone for accurate time.