Not all Insurance company's are created equally

We either have experienced or know someone that has experienced the effects the Insurance company’s have when it comes to health care. The insurance company tries to play doctor with you and your family and tell them how to treat you.

Unfortunately that’s what they want to do with the auto body industry as well. There are ways to avoid this from happening to you. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired where you want, that’s the law. See your rights as a consumer

Understand your policy, some insurance company’s may have things written in your policy that requires use of aftermarket parts, understand if there will be any betterment charges, and if you have rental car coverage.

Some insurance company’s Direct Repair Programs (DRP) don’t have your best interest in mind when it comes to repairing your vehicle, they limit what a shop can charge or they simply won’t pay for certain operations. Most shops can’t absorber this cost which means your vehicle may not be fixed properly.

We’ve only aligned ourselves with Insurance company’s that are committed to repairing your vehicle properly. In the past we have removed ourselves from programs that didn’t have our customers best interest in mind and will continue to do so if insurance company’s continue to try to lower their cost by taking short cuts at your expense.

The best thing for you is to find an independent repair shop that will fight for you and work for you, not the insurance company.